Can you smoke while taking coumodin

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Smoking cigarettes can have a significant impact on warfarin therapy. Although there is no reported interaction between nicotine and warfarin, the other Can you smoke while taking coumodin chemical .
Yeah, unless you eat the whole bag of Funyuns. Zocor is used for reducing cholesterol. Get off the synthetic meds, smoke a doobie and run to the park, relax, explore your .
Best Answer: Assuming that you are confident of the quality of what you're smoking, then yes. However if there's any impurity in it then it could quite easily affect .
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18 Sep 2009. There are no known interactions between Allegra and Coumadin. However, it does not mean no interactions exist. Perhaps you can try not taking Allegra for a while .
I often have patients ask me if they can smoke. I tell them that they can do what they want, but that smoking will kill them.
Q : I m probably going to be a life long user of Warfarin. I m 31 and I have been to two hematologist and Can you smoke while taking coumodin I m awaiting my results of my recent tests.
Can't really find any info about it and the doctors never told her not to? :-)
Even though you are careful with the intake of vitimine E and K you might now be able to complete stablize your INR. Alot of things can effect your results.
Q: I'm taking Coumadin. Can I also take Excedrin? A: Coumadin (warfarin) is a blood
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